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Five Ways to Die Split CD – realese 2014

Title : Five Way To Die Split CD
Release Date : August 20, 2014

The Pain Fukktory Productions
Exclusively distributed in Sweden by SKINFORGE RECORDS,

Track List

Ceaseless Torment (Finland)
o1. Worthless World
02. Apocalyptic Battle03. Kill For God
04. Craving For Reverence
MMD (Finland)
05. With Cold Lips, I Kiss The Fallen One
06. Purulent Web Of Deception
07. Words Of Dead God
Mourned By Flies (United States)
09. Lambs to Slaughter
10. Far Beyond the Grave
11. Paradise Lost
Dead Samaritan (Finland)12. Smith & Wesson Philosphy
13. Laid To Waste
14. Iron Hand
Morbid Roots (Mexico)
15. Coexist
16. Master Of Time
17. Massive Extinction Event
18. Choke

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