Flat rate negotiated per Song ($50-150), or for whole album ($500-1500).
The fee per individual song or full album is a sliding scale based on mix the readiness of the material and complexity of the project. The negotiated fee includes an initial full mix and 3 revisions.
• Subsequent requested revisions incur an additional fee based on an hourly rate of $40 per hour, broken into 15 min increments e.g. 15 min+ $10.

In theory, mixing is a straightforward concept. The principle is to balance the recorded components to sonically, and emotionally, represent the artist’s creative vision. In practice, mixing is anything but straightforward. Mixing is a creative, technical balancing act of the individual instruments and sounds. By emphasizing the right elements at the right times a Mix Engineer can transform a good recording into a great sounding, and emotionally impactful listening experience.

Think of it like this – mixing a song is similar to baking a cake. There is no singularly correct approach, the list of ingredients to add flavor is virtually endless, and everyone’s tastes vary. The goal is to make something that tastes (or in this case, sounds) great.

As a professional aside – I don’t participate in the in the box verses out of the box debate. Digital processing verses analog is largely a difference preference – not quality. You are hiring me for my knowledge, my experience, and how I use my tools. You wouldn’t judge a cake on what kind of oven it was baked in, would you?

Pitch Correction

$30 per song.

This is not considered as part of the mix process. Pitch correction is generally considered part of the editing/mix preparation stage of production. It’s also time consuming and tedious.

If pitch correction is necessary for more than the lead and/or backing vocals, the fee will increase accordingly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

A Side note on mastering:

If you hire me to mix, I will strongly encourage you to hire a separate Mastering Engineer – I’m happy to refer one. This is the last opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your project before it is finalized. However, sometimes budgets don’t allow for another engineer and I’d be happy to mix and master your project.

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